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Words curling up along my lips words that cannot be communicated thoroughly by mouth
words you cannot see hidden behind a mask.

To tell you how I feel inside.

To stand up to your cruelty those words get distorted and miscommunicated, misused or just stay silent for a while till they can’t take no more.

Till the day they explode all over my face. I told you though when it’s finally over and comes out who’s listening well it certainly isn’t you!?!

By then it was too late to fix what you had done.

In the morning it is silent, quiet nothing more but the tick tock of a clock against my ears.

The low volume of the morning cartoons when the sun rises it gets a little louder, the calming chirps of birds against my ears, a soft melody just before six o’clock.

The cars beep and scream like drums that don’t go together.

A whisper, a cry, a laugh.

The baby cries on the back seat of the train.

A cry that only a mother’s arms can sooth
while God whistles a quiet tune that bangs against my car window
and dives off into the air

and carries the leaves away to a new land.

The loud chatter of students and banging of lockers.
The girl in the mirror and me

I look in the mirror at this girl I do not recognize dark circles under her eyes,
a frown upon her face a hazy window to her soul.

There are voices surrounding me.

Laughter not the good laughter,
the laughter that mocks and provokes me.

Name calling, a push, a shove many tears that no one seems to care for.

A black room with no light…. the girl I was sitting lonely in the dark even when people near, she still sits at home in the dark being pushed down stairs having blood dripping down her legs from rocks and stones that pierce her skin.

No one there to hold her hand.

no one there to understand.
we only have eachother,

The girl in the mirror and me

laying alone at night when they pull our legs and send me their nightmares.

Is it over?
is this the end?
have we given up?
how exhausting…

the girl in the mirror cannot please everyone

and neither can I because that girl in the mirror was me.

from that smug face right down to her bloody ankles

have I’ve given them what they wanted?
I don’t care anymore…

Pounding, pounding drums through my mind.

bang, bang, bang like its sticking at my brain.

Trembling and shaking…thoughts through my mind.

You told me I’d be fine but you don’t know what keeps me fine.

Are they better than me?

The laughs the smiles I watch from behind closed doors.

I’m always unable to tell them how I feel bang, bang, bang again

I couldn’t speak words of honesty I’ll blurt out the words
“I’m fine” bang, bang, bang

why cant you see well I’m not letting you see my headaches grow larger.
The pounding doesn’t stop.

For a little while we visited our possible life.

Their eyes, their hair, their smiles, their ears, their faces, their noses, their everything.

The way they laugh, the soft and loud chiming of their voices

When I hear that melody I feel at home.

When they re around my heart throbs and pounds in delight.

When their gone my heart beats like a broken drum and shatters completely.

The feeling when they’re gone when they leave me heartbroken.

Many waterfalls come at night.

The silent deadly chime of emotions and music.

When they’re in danger, shattered hearts, lost souls.

I’m their guide to stand back up again even if their waterfalls become my waterfalls.

Their eyes can twinkle once more.

A face,  A bright red face, a pounding heart.

These waterfalls are perfect.

This music is perfect.

and I hope the waterfalls and shallow yet perfect melodies never cease to stop knocking at my door…
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