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Chapter 8- Rose

Rose was a sweet shy girl dressed in a poofy grey dress. She had a eyepatch with a yellow rose getting from it. Her favorite color was yellow and she loved flowers.. Her hair was long and a beautiful shade of grey. When I first got her I was very much depressed because people were thinking I needed to grow a backbone they thought me crying was wrong being called a baby all the time and other things wasn’t making things any better and soon Rose appeared thinking all she needed was herself. Of course there were other reasons. looking in the mirror I was indeed a skinny girl.

The pain of being told I was too thin and having to keep eating in hopes I’d get fatter I know it didn’t seem like much infact I was told being fat is worse then thin but it was still painful either way. I would eat and eat to the point of wanting to throw up just so that I could make people stop coming at me for my weight but what for? Rose showed those feelings very well. food wasn’t her thing all she could bear to eat was sugar, sweets. she loved cute things too, cute things sweets and art that was all her and more.

Rose’s Diary

I have a nightmare every night of the person I might have use to be. I was the same as I am now. a shy girl but I fell in love with a man. We loved each other very much. I met him on a sunny afternoon and soon he had told me he was in love with me. “Rose” “what’s wrong?...” “I love you please be my girlfriend” “….really?....” “yes” “but why? why would you love an overly emotional girl like me?”

“Because I don’t know how to put this but your amazing just please” “well….alright I kind of like you too” it seemed innocent enough. A man to shower me with roses. “you’re just as beautiful as this Rose and look it’s your favorite color too” he showed me his garden. it was beautiful filled with trees and flowers. “This is amazing!”

“I’m glad you like it… would you like some tea Rose” “of course” I smiled as we ate cookies and drunk tea in that garden but I never would have known that this relationship was about to take a wrong turn real fast. “What are you doing….!” he held me down…the man I loved had that scorn of lust in his eyes.

“When are you going to let me in? huh? I’ve been waiting forever” “I told you no didn’t I’m scared…I don’t want to” “Rose how do you expect to keep a man waiting this long” “well…I don’t think it matters…if you love me you would respect that” “Love? ha I just said that to sweet talk you into being with me…I’m after something more than just love” “Get away from me! you monster!” I fought to break free from his grasp. who would have thought everything we had was just lies.

“come on Rose don’t you know you’ll never get a man acting like that” “funny…I thought I had one…but you’re just a sleezeball! I loved you!” “you women are all alike besides who would believe you Rose?” “Believe me about what?” he pins me and I can’t break free. I was so frightened I begun to cry. “aww…ya know you crying just turns me on even futher….by the way Rose no one’s going to believe that I did this to a girl that looks as ugly as you” “….if I’m so ugly then why do it….you said I was beautiful like a rose”

“You are…” “Then why couldn’t I land you in jail then!” he smiles trailing his fingers down my face. “you see that axe over there? No one will believe you because you won’t have a body to speak the words of it. a beautiful rose always dies and death is an ugly thing Rose” I scream so loud a terrible scream I let out but he muffles them with his strong powerful hands. hands I thought would never hurt me… love is so cruel.

I never wanted to feel those hands again or ever see a man in the flesh ever. The last thing I would see before he grabs me by the hair and holds an axe above me is the dreded nakedness of the man who violated my purity….

Part 2

Rose was afraid of naked people…I never knew why till she confess to us about the nightmares she has everyday about a man who raped her and murdered her with an axe cutting up her body into pieces and who knows if he was ever caught.

It’s sad how the simple words of I love you could also be the thing to end your life once and for all. But Rose was safe here and finally happy with our family that would only grow larger in size.
Chapter 7-  Mia/ Tori

The next to arrive was Mia, she was about 13 at the time. She was also half fox, we’ll just the tails. She was very serious all the time, rather quiet. She had long bangs covering her eyes. she said they were sensitive to light so her bangs make it better on her. She was into knowledge always wanting to know more about everything but the thing is that’s what she thought could make her happy knowing stuff that way she could succeed.

Her favorite color was purple all though she wore a lot of brown clothing that looked very much old and inexpensive. Her eyes use to be able to get visions usually from the others. She knew when people were lying to she could pick up on stuff just by gathering information on them. She was very smart more then she knew soon she got Tori her sister. Ironically she possessed the fox ears. Now Tori was hyper, she acted like that child that wanted to be adult really badly.
She was into wrestling and loved the wild animals. her companion was a bear. app
aparently even bear companions are possible here and there. her favorite color was orange and she had an eye patch over her left eye and she wore a maid outfit. she was also known for being an underwear thief. she was silly.

Mia’s Diary

I seem to remember a faint dream. I woke up in a strange place with a man standing over me. There lied my sister “Tori?...” was this the last straw…. me and tori have been together for as long as I can remember. We were orphans. Our parents well we never knew what had happened to them. One day a man had come for us, the man was scary however I was never afraid of him not one bit. he took us away from home and to a far away place.
There were other children too and he kept us locked in his basement where he tormented us everyday but me and my sister we’re determined to survive. I don’t remember much but I know one thing I tried to protect Tori from that man and then I found myself inside this girl and I’ve been here every since.
When I first arrive I remember being very stuck up I got into an argument with fei and Lisa and I ended stealing everyone’s prize possessions and it took a lot to persway me to give em back. I trusted no one…

Tori’s Dairy

“Mia I have a plan to escape this place” “But Tori you know that’s dangerous he’ll punish us if we try to leave” “I know but I can’t take this anymore! we have to try” I made myself a spear I was going to finally win and me and the kids were going to escape once and for all. I gathered them all “ok so here’s the plan.

At nighttime when the old man’s sleep we’ll sneak out” “but how? he locks us up every night” one kid asked “Do you guys not have trust in little old Tori, I’ll get ya out alive. I’m going to steal his key and we’ll break out and run away!” “are you sure about this?” Mia asked concerned “of course I am sis. trust me then we’ll go play with the animals again just like we use to” I said that so calmly holding my teddy bear up to her insuring sis that it would be alright”

I was always jealous of my sister Mia. she had the brains I was just the crazy one that got us into trouble with the old man a lot. Because of me we were always punished in the most traumatic of ways but I never gave up not for a second. “Children come here” the man says to us oviously drunk again. He slaps Mia “Stop! what are you doing to my sister!” I yelled at him pulling his arm and he pushes me to the floor.

“Shut up you runt! I’m just showing her who’s boss. now remember Mia its your turn tomorrow” “I know” Mia’s turn…I knew what this meant and I couldn’t let him carry out his sick fantasies on my sister. I snuck the keys off from his desk. he never knew and that night I gathered up all those innocent children. “We can do it!” we snuck outside to the gate we were almost free. “Hey what are you doing!?” the man caught us yelling and cursing at us “Go now!!!!” I helped them over the gate.
“But what about you guy?” me and Tori were unable to make it over the gate “we’ll be fine. we’ll find a way out promise now just go” the man had capture us implying all the dangerous things he would do to us for pulling this stunt. “Just what in the hell were you two thinking! you’re going to get it now!” “we want to leave! why are we here! I want mommy and daddy!” “huh those people you call mommy…daddy…I killed them a long time ago” he smirked with a  grin .

“you lier! you killed them! you told us a different story! lier!” “ohh my looks like I’ve said too much now if you were to escape you little brats would tell so I geuss I have to silence you now” he picked up a knife and swung at me “Tori!” but Mia jumped in front and he stabbed her instead. “Sister! how could you?! you took away my whole family! I hate you!” I grabbed a gun from the floor and pointed it towards him

“ohh so your going to kill me now? huh child??” “No more! no more being your toy!!” he pulled a gun from his pocket and we both shoot killing each other.  When I woke there was nothing but darkness but I found my way to a light a light leading to my sister and my toy bear became my bestest friend.

Part 2

Tori and Mia were very mysterious sisters. One being so serious but secretely having a blind fold fetish, the other refusing to wear underwear but becomes the natorius underwear theif especially for fei. Tori use to have a crush on fei and well Tori was bi sexual. It was kindof funny after a while.
Tori’s problem was love she thought if she got love from everyone she’d feel ok but she learned the hard way having a lot of people pay attention to her that didn’t really care at all isn’t as good as having one person that does and will never leave her side and that’s how it was.

Words curling up along my lips words that cannot be communicated thoroughly by mouth
words you cannot see hidden behind a mask.

To tell you how I feel inside.

To stand up to your cruelty those words get distorted and miscommunicated, misused or just stay silent for a while till they can’t take no more.

Till the day they explode all over my face. I told you though when it’s finally over and comes out who’s listening well it certainly isn’t you!?!

By then it was too late to fix what you had done.

In the morning it is silent, quiet nothing more but the tick tock of a clock against my ears.

The low volume of the morning cartoons when the sun rises it gets a little louder, the calming chirps of birds against my ears, a soft melody just before six o’clock.

The cars beep and scream like drums that don’t go together.

A whisper, a cry, a laugh.

The baby cries on the back seat of the train.

A cry that only a mother’s arms can sooth
while God whistles a quiet tune that bangs against my car window
and dives off into the air

and carries the leaves away to a new land.

The loud chatter of students and banging of lockers.
The girl in the mirror and me

I look in the mirror at this girl I do not recognize dark circles under her eyes,
a frown upon her face a hazy window to her soul.

There are voices surrounding me.

Laughter not the good laughter,
the laughter that mocks and provokes me.

Name calling, a push, a shove many tears that no one seems to care for.

A black room with no light…. the girl I was sitting lonely in the dark even when people near, she still sits at home in the dark being pushed down stairs having blood dripping down her legs from rocks and stones that pierce her skin.

No one there to hold her hand.

no one there to understand.
we only have eachother,

The girl in the mirror and me

laying alone at night when they pull our legs and send me their nightmares.

Is it over?
is this the end?
have we given up?
how exhausting…

the girl in the mirror cannot please everyone

and neither can I because that girl in the mirror was me.

from that smug face right down to her bloody ankles

have I’ve given them what they wanted?
I don’t care anymore…
ma ha ha ha ha if people cared they'd click this lovely link :D…


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